Jewelry Care

Congrats, you've gotten yourself (or a loved one) a new piece of jewelry to cherish! Here's how you take care of it and make it last.


  • We highly recommend keeping pieces dry for the best results, besides occasional washing/wiping

  • Keep away from chlorinated water, very hot water, or any chemicals

  • Wash pieces with warm water and mild soap (or just warm water)

  • If needed, use a soft bristle brush to clean hard-to-get spots

  • Dry with a soft cloth

  • Store in a cool, dry place



Jade and other stones: To avoid scratching the jade or other stones, store your piece separately from other pieces of jewelry or wrap in a soft cloth. Polish with a microfiber cloth.

Red nylon cord: Please note that the color may bleed from the first few exposures to water. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Either pat dry with a paper towel or air dry on a wipeable, stain-resistant surface. The color will fade over time, but this is natural. To maintain the strength of the string, keep away from water besides occasional washing.

Sterling silver: Avoid drying or wiping sterling silver pieces and parts with paper towels, as it can scratch the silver. To avoid natural tarnishing, wear your piece often or store it in an air-tight box or ziplock bag. Remove tarnish with a polishing cloth.

Pearls: Though pearls are safe in water, avoid submerging pearl pieces if they are strung with silk thread. Wipe the piece with a soft cloth after each wear to remove oils and other substances like makeup. If necessary, do a deeper clean by dampening a cloth with a mixture of warm water and mild soap, and wipe the piece rather than submerging.

Need to repair a piece? We do that! Visit our FAQ page for more information.