Luck: A Primer

Color and gemstone symbolism play a central role in Chinese culture, representing the layering of superstitions throughout history. Both portable and expressive, jewelry provides a channel for holding onto lucky elements, whether for every day wear or special occasions. 

Most famously, the color red symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. Gifting red wearables, such as jewelry or clothing, is commonly demonstrated in the customs surrounding the Lunar New Year. Interestingly, although wearing red during your zodiac year does attracts good luck, it more specifically wards off the bad luck and evil that supposedly follows you through your zodiac year. Red protects.

According to feng shui principles, different gemstones attract, repel or conduct energy in specific ways. Since gemstones are naturally occurring, they are viewed as physical manifestations of the five feng shui elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. When you wear a gemstone piece, you channel its unique energy.